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A close call just after the
start, and close action in
Turns 8 and 9
Snickers at Willow Springs December 2, 2012
POC Orange Group Cup Race
A very dirty spin at the corner between RiverSlide and Lost Hill!
Butch at Buttonwillow PCA Club Race May 2010.  
Sunday Qualifying Session (Paul Sr Driver)
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Tuffy at California Speedway, setting a PCA Class CC03 Record of 2:06.01
Buttonwillow, November 2012 PCA Club Race
Snickers "Hounding" the Big-Dogs with Their 3.6L Engines!
Snickers at Willow Springs POC May 14 Sunday Sprint Race
(First Two Laps,  Paul Sr Driver)
It's not just the cars,
it's the animals.
A Fast Lap in Snickers at Willow Springs 2.5 Mile Road Course December 2012
POC Cup Racing Orange Practice Session Lap Time = 1:34.9  (Paul Sr Driver)