Past Cars and the Pets they were named after,
Plus Other Miscellaneous Named Vehicles
Basset Hound and
1978 911SC
Daisey the Basset Hound was truly a part
of the family for 14 years. She was very
affectionate and lovable.

The 1978 911 SC named in her honor is
also lovable, with its strong engine,
balanced chassis, and beautiful, rich
Peru Red paint
German Shepherd and
2004  GT3
Ernie, a 125lb German Shepard was blessed with 4
sisters.  Of the many fun activities with each of them,
he loved watching after his girls and his family best.  

Ernie the car is a 2004 Arctic Silver GT3.  Ernie
sports a completely stock engine and suspension
just proving how well made the Porsche is.
Scottish Fold and
1999 996 Carrera
"Little", the transient Scottish Fold who adopted Don and
introduced him to the wonders of a cat's world. Here gazing
at where the new "Little" now resides. Rest well, old friend!

"Little", the 1999 Carrera adopted Don in January 2011.
Here after a bit of a Dirt-Bath at Buttonwillow, where he and
Don earned the "John Deere" award.
It's not just the cars, It's the animals.
Gray Tabby and
2004 Cayenne S

Named after a pet long ago, Sammy the Cayenne had
over 255,000 miles (100,000 pulling a trailer with a race
car). Sammy is now retired from the litter, having served
extraordinarily well for over a dozen years!
2003 Carrera 4S
Special Color (Cobalt Blue)
2003 Porsche Carrera C4S
Red Ty Beanie Baby Dog and
1995 Land Rover Discovery
Faithful Dashboard Mascot "Rover"

Red Rover, Red Rover, your life is
NOT over! Rover is still Off-roading
after a
quarter of a century!