Our Cars and the Pets they are named after
Bengal Kitten and
1982 924 Turbo
Franz was one of four kittens born to Trist
and Aries. Alas, he didn't live into adulthood
due to a birth defect. Franz was sweet and
playful, and very good looking!

This 1982 924 Turbo is one of less than 900
produced this year. Well preserved for a 30+
year-old Porsche, Franz is ready for many
more years of fun driving!
Miniature Poodle and
1987 924S
Tuffy was named that because his
mother kept putting him in the trash can,
but he survived.  He was a great dog.

Tuffy the 924S carries on that legacy.  
He has 230,000 mi. and still runs like a
car 1/3 that.  He's a feisty one.
Russian Blue and
1978 911SC
Butch, while not pure Russian Blue, had all the
characteristics of that breed - strength, focus,
keen hunting skills.

The Porsche named Butch came from a long-time
POC/PCA friend in late 2007. With a slightly
modified 3.0L engine, light Turbo bodywork, and
well developed suspension, Butch is quick and
agile, with significant victories and track records.
Seal-Point Siamese and
1973 911 RS
Purdie ruled the house, and combined Siamese
nuttiness and energy with a Latin temperament.

Purdie the car is a stunning and fast 911 RS clone
with a strong engine, solid chassis, and beautiful
dark orange paint finish.
Orange Tabby and
2006 997 Carrera S
Tango, the "Tangerine" cat was an avid and
successful hunter.

Tango the car is a custom-color 2006 Carrera S
which has won several n
oteworthy awards in
Concours. Tango has also collected trophies in
Rally and driving event competition.
Sable Burmese and
1979 911SC
Snickers lived for 21 years and was the
sweetest cat imaginable.

This 1979 911SC was purchased
shortly before Snickers' passing. Since
the cat was dearly missed, it made
sense to keep his memory alive with
this in-CAR-nation. Snickers the car is
indeed very fun to drive and sweet too,
and has logged dozens of victories!
Basenji Mix and
2013 Boxster S
Merlin the dog used to run, catch deer and chase
skunks for joy. He was an inspiration for a young
lady to become an athlete!

Merlin the Boxster is becoming an athlete too, with
autocross events in Loma Prieta Region of PCA!
Pet Tarantula and
1988 924 S
Webster the Pet Tarantula

This 1988 Porsche 924 S is developed
to race in the 944 Spec class.
Red Dobermann and
2003 996 Carrera
Emma was a spirited Red Doberman.  Fast and
agile, she loved chasing squirrels.  Being a Red, she
was more fragile than her Black conterparts so she
was required to sleep in the bed under the covers!

The 2003 Black Carrera is named after Emma
because she is always a blast to be around. With
70,000 miles, she just keeps asking for more fun!
It's not just the cars, It's the animals.
Reef Trigger Fish and
2016 Porsche Cayenne
Faust was an entertaining aquarium fish
who lived a fun and long life.

Faust the 2016 Cayenne is ready for a
long life of fun traveling, and towing other
Dead Pet Racecars!
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