Webster was originally a street car purchased in 2013. It was set up to run
Autocross, Time Trial and DE events. Webster did compete in several track
events, and performed well, showing great potential. However, due to a
variety of reasons, Webster saw little activity during the several years after

In Spring 2019, Webster started down the road to become a dedicated Club
Racer, for competition in the SPEC-944 class. This project included a full
welded roll cage, racing shell seat, 6-point harness, kill switch, window net,
tow straps, and all the other required safety equipment. The interior was
stripped, and other unnecessary items were removed or modified to save
weight.  Webster is currently still about 100 pounds overweight, so the diet
will continue over time.

The development and optimization into a competitive 944 Spec Racer will
likely take a year or longer. The major projects include weight reduction,
suspension improvements, instrumentation and gauges, driver ergonomics
and comfort. Since real-world racing is the best way to improve a race car
(and f
ind the weak links!), we won't be waiting for Webster to be perfect
efore competing in race events. So look for Webster to participate in PCA
and POC races throughout 2020 and beyond!
Nathan and Paul Jr. with Webster, 2013
Webster at Fontana, Spring 2019
Webster at Sears Point, Fall 2019   (Photo by David Leong)