Tango does Track Events too!
Tango as delivered, February 2006
Tango was purchased in February 2006 after a lengthy (18 month) order cycle. The
intention was to get a 997 S in an orange metallic paint, which is called "Paint to
Sample" on the Porsche factory order guide.  The first two samples took six months
each, and were rejected by the Porsche Factory for various reasons (paint not durable,
or not available in an EU-Approved water-base formula). The third time was the charm,
and Tango was finally delivered!

The color is called Orange Pearl Metallic (aka Zanzibar Red), and was one of the
Special Order Porsche Colors for 2001.  Not many cars were made that year in this
color, and only a very few have subsequently been Special Ordered in this unique
color (we only know of a GT2, a couple Boxsters, and a Carrera GT in Orange Pearl

Soon after delivery, Tango was prepared for the 2006 Cinco de Mayo celebration
weekend hosted by the Southern Arizona Region of PCA. This huge event occurs the
first weekend of May, and draws Porsches from all over Zone 8 to the Tucson area.  
Tango was carefully driven the 410 miles to the event, received final prep Friday night,
and placed on the field of 60+ Porsches Saturday morning. Showing in Full Concours,
Tango was a hit, and not only won the class, but Best of Show!  For the Sunday
autocross on the Pinal Air Park circuit, Paul piloted Tango to a Top-Time award for cars
on Street Tires. Way to go, Tango!

Tango was shown at several PCA Zone 8 Councours during 2006, and also garnered a
2nd in class at the 2006 Porsche Parade (National Convention) Concours in Portland
Oregon. Tango continued to participate in a number of Zone 8 Concours, Autocross,
and Rally events as well.

Following a several-year sabbatical from competition, Tango was prepared and driven
to the 2012 Porsche Parade in Salt Lake City.  After the 760 mile drive through rain and
dust, the four Youngs spent two days cleaning Tango for the Concours d'Elegance.  
The results were worth it, as Tango won the PP01F Full Concours class with 297.6
points out of a possible 300. The overall winner scored 297.8, so Tango was really
close to that overall victory! Dozens and dozens of Porsche enthusiasts exclaimed
about Tango's unique color and stunning beauty. Certainly one of the favorites at the

The next day, Paul and Paul Jr. drove Tango in the Parade National TSD Rally, and
placed first in the Equipped class, and fourth overall out of 130+ teams.  Completing
the Triple-Crown for Tango, Paul Sr. drove Tango in the Parade autocross and won the
S08 class (six competitors) by over one second.  Three first-place awards at the
National level - Good boy, Tango!

Tango started out 2013 appropriately with a first in class, AND overall Best-of-Show at
the PCA Zone 8 Concours in Pomona. Tango scored a near-perfect 324.9 points out of
325.0 maximum possible.

Paul and Ruth drove Tango nearly 5,000 miles round-trip to the Porsche Parade in
French Lick, Indiana late June of 2015.  Tango ran flawlessly the entire journey. With
Paul Sr and Pat Norris, Tango took a 2nd in the Rally. Running in the stock S08 class at
the autocross, Paul Sr drove Tango to a class win, over 4 seconds faster than the next

For the 2016 Parade in Vermont, again Tango logged several thousand miles for the
cross-country adventure.  And again in 2017 for the Parade in Spokane, and 2018 at
Lake of the Ozarks Parade in Missouri, each of which garnered trophies for Tango.
Most of Tango's miles are from Parade adventures, including many side trips to scenic
and interesting areas!

Look for Tango to appear more at PCA concours, rally, and maybe even autocross
events in the future. This is too nice a Porsche to keep in the garage!
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2006  997  Carrera  S
Tango on the field at Cinco de Mayo 2006
Overall Winner at the January 2013 PCA Zone 8 Concours
Tango in Hannibal, MO, 2015
Tango at the "Love Shack", 2018
Off-Road, looking for fish!