"Tango"   Orange Tabby
circa 1955-1961
Tango the cat was named after a
brand of Tangerine Sherbet our
family had grown rather fond of.

He was a large, orange, primarily
outdoor cat. He hunted gophers on
our 2.5 acre La Mesa property (and
beyond) with our dog Taffy, and the
neighbor's dog.  Tango would
scrunch down the gopher hole as
far as possible, and the dogs would
wait at the other holes, ready to
pounce when Tango drove the
gopher out. It was an effective team.

Tango would jump up on our back
porch (not Porsche) and expect
food a couple times per day, but
usually we'd see him hunting with
the dogs or roaming the land
looking for wild things to do.

When we moved several miles
away, we took Tango and Taffy with
us. Taffy faithfully stayed at the new
home, but Tango left after a short
while. We though he was gone, but
our former neighbors reported
seeing him on numerous occasions
on our old property.  He chose his
own territory, obviously.
Tango (Barbara Szabo, Artist)