San Diego Stadium
Parking Lot
Butch and Paul at PCA SDR Stadium West Lot Autocross, November 26, 2011
Third-Gear Spinout (Camera Mounted on Splitter, Just Inches off the Pavement)
Butch outperformed some tough competition with well-driven, high-power Porsches.
Event Results
Discovered later a broken rear Sway Bar Mount - That explains a lot!
Notice the pylon that gets bopped and slides, but doesn't tip over!
Paul Driving Butch to Top Time Overall at Stadium West Lot, July 2, 2011
(Roof Mounted Camera)
Butch bested all others, even with their strong 3.6liter engines, and monster tires.
Definitely the "Undercat" of the competition!  
  Event Results
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Butch and Paul repeat their Top Time of Day overall (TTOD) plus Best BRI
at the PCA SDR Stadium West Lot, October 1, 2011
1:10.63 Lap Time (Interior camera roll-cage mount)
Same winning lap (1:10.63) with the Splitter-mounted Camera (just inches off the pavement)