At Watkins Glen, 2005
Willow Springs, 2010
Paul Jr. Driving at Fontana, 2007
Original Black Metallic Color
Spring Mountain, 2010
Laguna Seca, 2011

    Snickers the car is one of the most successful 911s to be campaigned in
    Club Racing and Time Trials on the West Coast. This Porsche can be
    optimized for several different classes in POC and PCA, simply by using
    different  tires and wheel, and changing the weight. Snickers is driven
    hard, and competes regularly, logging around 5,000 track miles annually.

    The car was purchased in October 2002 on E-Bay. When Snickers the cat
    passed away in 2003, the car was named in his honor.  Snickers was the
    first Porsche to be a member of  Dead Pets Racing.

    This 1979 911SC was one of the last of that model year (built June 1979).
    The original paint finish was Black Metallic (Porsche color # L-708). While
    Black Metallic is the official factory name of the color,  most people call it
    "Charcoal" or "Anthracite".  

    After purchase, a few minor electrical issues were resolved, a new set of
    Street-Stock tires were fitted on the 16 inch Fuchs wheels. Then, Snickers
    was made track-ready with a pair of 5-point harnesses (on a harness bar),
    and a fire extinguisher.

    During the two-plus years of campaigning Snickers in this bone-stock
    format, enough experience and knowledge was gained to take it to the
    next level.  Larger torsion bars were fitted, along with adjustable
    aftermarket sway bars, custom-valved Bilstein shocks, raised and de-
    cambered front spindles, and several sets of Fuchs 8x15 and 7x15 wheels.
    The interior was fitted with a welded in roll bar (later converted to a full
    cage), and a pair of Recaro racing shell seats.

    Along the way other upgrades were made (oil coolers, front and rear
    spoilers, brake ducting), but the car always kept the stock bodywork, stock
    weight, and stock drivetrain.  Running in PCA Zone 8 classes ISS and IS
    (Stock 911SC classes), Snickers had already set over a dozen records.

    In January 2007, Snickers was painted Talbot Yellow (Porsche color # 106,
    a standard color for 1979). The car was continued in PCA class IS for the
    Time Trial series throughout 2007, and managed to achieve an Autocross
    award or two as well. In August 2007, Snickers handily won the BRI (Bench
    Racers Index - a class handicapping system), and placed 7th overall out of
    nearly 80 Porsches at a PCASDR Autocross.

    For the 2008 season, Snickers also competed in Porsche Owners Club
    (POC) Time Trials, having set several track records. Snickers regularly
    competed in POC Club Racing (class IP / R7), and PCA Club racing (Stock
    Class D). In 40 race starts so far, Snickers has done very well, with 35 class
    wins (including three overall Enduro wins).

    One of the highlights was an overall win in the POC Buttonwillow Enduro
    November 2010 (Dead Pets Racing with Chuck Sharp as honorary  
    member). In March 2011, Snickers was the overall winner of the POC  
    Pursuit Race at Spring Mountain (margin of victory almost 2 minutes for  
    the one hour race).

    For the last events of 2010, and into 2011, Snickers changed to PCA class
    IP. This allowed putting the spoilers back on, running wider tires (still
    stock bodywork), and adding a front shock-tower brace. At the last PCA
    Time Trial of 2010 at Spring Mountain, Snickers placed in the top ten
    overall!  For 2011 Snickers will continue in POC class IP/R7, and Stock
    Class D in PCA Club Racing.

    June-July 2011, Snickers was once again repainted, as the Talbot Yellow
    finish had been well worn from many thousands of miles in racing traffic.
    The new color is Copper Brown Metallic (Porsche color # 443), a standard
    Porsche Factory color for 1979, and closely matching Snickers the cat. The
    new color must suit him well. In the debut event at Laguna Seca, Snickers
    won both sprint races handily (over 45 seconds lead), and broke the
    fifteen-year-old course record by more than a second!

    Snickers completed the 2011 season with decisive overall season
    championships in the competitive POC Time Trial Series (class IP), and the
    POC Cup Racing series (Class R7).

    For 2012, Snickers competed in the POC class GT5 using the same
    configuration as he ran for IP/R7. He was about 200 lbs overweight, but he
    still won the season championship for both Time Trials and POC Cup
    Racing!  In September 2012, Snickers won the POC 65 minute Enduro at
    California Speedway with a margin of more than  ½ Lap! Snickers won the
    PCA SDR and Zone 8 time Trial Season Championships in Class CC07.  The
    biggest achievement was being crowned the POC OVERALL Enduro
    Champion for 2012.

    In 2013, Snickers ran using smaller, less sticky tires and competed in PCA
    Zone 8 class CC05, and POC Class GT6. The results were very good, with a
    number of race wins, track records, and several season championships!

    Butch and Snickers shared PCA Club Racing GT5 duties in 2014 and were
    overall GT5 National Championship winners! On his own, Snickers logged
    some significant victories. He was PCA Time Trial Class CC06 Champion in
    Zone 8 and San Diego Region. Teamed up with Scott Craig, Paul and
    Snickers won the POC Tribute to Le Mans Night Enduro (4 hours)! Snickers
    was also the OVERALL winner of the Sunday afternoon PCA Club Race in
    September at Willow Springs!

    In 2016, Snickers and Paul again teamed up with Scott Craig in the POC
    Tribute to Le Mans Enduro. This time they not only won the three-hour
    relay race, but placed second overall, bested only by one of the unlimited
    class cars!

Achievement Summary

PCA Time Trial

    Class Champion, 5 Years
    BRI Winner, 5 Times
    Top-Ten, 5 Times
    Track Records;  Over 30

PCA Autocross

    BRI Winner, 3 Times
    Top-Ten, 2 Times

PCA Club Racing

    Class D Winner, over 15 Times
    Overall Race Winner Sep. 2014
    Zone 8 Class D Champion

POC Cup Racing

    Tribute to LeMans Winner Twice
    Class Champion 3 Years
    Class Winner, over 40 Times
    Enduro Outright Wins; 5
    Track Records; over 12