"Snickers"   Sable Burmese
April 12, 1983  -  October 18, 2003
Snickers was a purebred Sable
Burmese with a pedigree. His name
comes from the rich chocolate color
coat. His official  Cat Fanciers
Association (CFA) registered name
was "Snickers without the Nuts".

As a kitten, he loved to climb, and
would race up to the top of the
bamboo curtains quite quickly. He
also loved to jump for flying
underwear, as it was flung towards
the laundry hamper. His other
activities included taking chariot
rides (cardboard box pulled by a
string), and playing fetch with a
foam golf ball or coiled pipe cleaner.

He was an indoors cat, though on
rare occasions went for a walk (on
a leash). Burmese are by nature
very affectionate, and Snickers was
especially so. Even though he was
quiet and extremely gentle, he
would always be around people.
Wherever we would go in the
house, Snickers would follow just to
be with somebody. If there was a
party downstairs, Snickers would sit
on the steps so he could see and
hear all that was happening.

When Paul Jr was a baby and
young toddler, Snickers was
terrified of his squealing and
romping around.  Yet, he would
always cower down and let Paul pet
him (while wincing slightly). Never a
hiss or growl. What gentle, selfless

Snickers participated in a few CFA
cat shows (similar to an automobile
Concours d'Elegance). Although he
didn't conform that well to the ideal
Burmese type (originality), he did
earn Premiership level, and was
loved by all the judges.
Snickers as a kitten
Snickers circa 1997 (age 14)