Laguna Seca
Dead Pets Racing Laguna Seca Garage
August 2012
Paul Sr and Snickers, August 25, 2012  Saturday POC Cup Race (2nd Half)
Mark and Tuffy at Laguna Seca POC Time Trial, August 2012  (1:51.54)
Despite the Off after Turn 6, Butch Regains positions, and Wins GT5!
Butch at POC Time Trial,  Laguna Seca  
August 2009  (1:43.59)
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Close Action with the Red 911, plus a Dirty Drifting Boxster Near the End
Paul Jr. & Snickers GT5 POC Record, August 2012 1:45.99  (Fender Camera)
2015  Rennsport Reunion V   Butch in PCA Sholar-Friedman Race
POC Cup Race June 2014, Paul Sr. Driving Butch, Class GT5 (Front Bumper Camera)