Autocross fun at 9000 feet
(Keysone Parade, 2009)
Paul Jr drives Sammy to a Parade
Autocross trophy
Sammy on the Savannah 2011
Parade Rally (overall winner)
The 2004 Cayenne-S named Sammy was purchased in March 2008 from
Stevens Creek Porsche in Santa Clara, California. it had 50,000 miles,
was well cared for, and had the options we wanted (including tow
package and Lapis Blue Metallic Paint). We flew up to San Jose, and
drove Sammy home.

Seven years later, Sammy has over 224,000 miles, more than 85,000 of
which have been hauling Butch or Snickers on a trailer to races or
Parades. While Sammy is starting to show his age, this Cayenne-S has
more than met our expectations, being a great commuter car, tow
vehicle, hauler of racing gear, and general work-cat (not horse).
Comfortable, powerful, quiet, smooth and reliable, Sammy is also
incredibly stable when towing 4500 lbs of trailer in any condition (at 15
mpg, even!).

Beyond that, Sammy has had fun running rallies and several driving
events, wining trophies at the PCA National "Porsche Parade"
Autocross on occasion. Then, it can accommodate four in style and
comfort to a fancy night on the town. Some people pooh-pooh the
Cayenne, claiming it isn't a real Porsche. Probably they haven't driven
one, because the performance, utility, comfort, design, integrity, and
build quality is as good as any Porsche.
Kelsey and Ruth with Sammy on the
2012 Parade Rally in Salt Lake City