With RS Ducktail
Pomona, February 2012

    Purdie started life as a Tangerine 1973 911T with a 2.4CIS motor making
    140HP.   Curt Anderson a good friend of mine bought the car about 11
    years ago when the suspension had been very mildly upgraded for
    some track work, autocrosses, etc., but still with the original engine.  
    Curt totally rebuilt the car transforming it into a copy of a 1973 RS.  
    Arguably the most famous style of 911 ever made.  His plans were to
    do more Time trials and track day events.  He changed and upgraded
    every piece on the car, suspension, body, brakes, tires.  He took out a
    lot of weight by tearing out everything that was not needed and by
    using fiber glass hood, trunk, bumpers and Lexan rear windows.  He
    made the car safer by adding a  welded in roll cage and upped the
    power appreciably by putting in a 2.9 mechanically injected engine
    making, well really don’t know how much power it makes but it is very
    strong.  The car now operates at level far beyond what the Porsche
    factory envisioned when the car was built in 1973.  

    Unfortunately Curt only had the opportunity to run the car a few times
    when he came to his senses and his priorities changed, (kids college
    funds) and he decided to sell the car.  I had always told him if you want
    to sell it, please let me know.  He let me know and it now sits in my
    garage.  As of this writing I have only done one time trial with the car
    where the car proved to be all I had hoped far.  It is fast and handles
    great.  Much more performance then this driver is able to fully exploit.  
    The car does what it is supposed to do, now this driver needs to get a
    lot better in using the car to its potential.  I plan to do TT and DE
    events throughout the coming years and use the car as it was

    Mick Rosen
Chuckwalla, January 2012