"Purdie"   Seal Point Siamese
Early January 2006  -  January 10, 2012
Purdie, named after session and
R&B drumming legend Bernard,
“Pretty” Purdie, (check out Steely
Dan’s tunes "Home at Last" or
"Babylon Sister") was a Seal Point
Siamese.  He was born in Argentina
so mixing a totally wacked Siamese
personality with a Latin
temperament and you ended up
with Purdie or the King as we called
him.  When Purdie was still a kitten
his first parental units moved to
Southern CA from Argentina.  
Unfortunately due to the breakup of
their marriage, (nothing to do with
Purd) they had to put Purdie, then
named Chagall up for adoption.  As
good luck and timing would have it
my house was empty and needed a
feline manic to liven things up.  So
at a year old the Purd moved in and
let me rent a room in the house from
him.  He would walk though the
house with a painfully slow grace
like time waited for him.  Holding his
head high like he was the king of all
he surveyed.  

The first couple of days with Purdie
were touch and go.  He was so
crazed by being in his new
surroundings no one could get
within 5 feet of him.  To see a
Siamese in full combat mode is not
something to take lightly.  I had
suggestions from friends, everything
from give him back, “clearly he is
totally insane” to give him kitty
downers to mellow him out.  None of
those extreme measure were
needed and after the first couple of
days he calmed down to his normal
wacked self.

Siamese are by nature one person
cats and The King was my boy.  He
would tolerate my wife who is
Venezuelan, (who would have
thought I would end up with a full
Latin American contingent in the
house) and even be nice to her if I
was traveling on business but if I
was home, Purd would ignore  her
like she was not there.  He would
follow me around like a dog, heeling
with perfect precision.  He loved any
interaction with me.  He loved to
play hide and seek. We would be
running though the house chasing
each other like a couple of idiots.  
He loved to fetch.  Throw anything
and he would go after and bring it
back so I would throw it again.  He
loved to wrestle and if you worked
him up his Latin temperament would
kick in and he world really get
crazy.  Occasionally he would get a
little to rambunctious and scratch
but I always took full responsibility
for working him into a minor feline
frenzy.  Left on his own he was
peaceful and always full of love.

The King was the master at opening
anything/everything in the house.  
We had to do a full on baby
proofing to every cabinet in the
kitchen otherwise he would be in
there.  He loved to close doors so
we had to put door stoppers where
his litter box was so he would not
lock himself in or out.  

Purdie was a healthy and high
energy cat.  He lived indoors so was
always kept safe from cars and
coyotes and cat fights.  He got his
yearly check up and aside from
hating the vet he was as healthy
and strong as any domestic cat I
have ever seen.  Who would have
thought that on January 10, 2012  
my wife and I would be awakened  at
5:00AM to a very sick and
frightened king.    Purd - as we
found out - had a congenital heart
condition.  This created an
untenable situation for him and we
had to make the heart wrenching
decision to put Purd to sleep that
morning.  A horrible decision to
have to make.  The house now feels
very empty and quiet.  Time will
pass and who knows what the future
will bring.  We miss him so very
Mick Rosen's
Cat, "Purdie"