Pomona Fairplex
Pomona, CA
Snickers at Pomona, November 2011
Sunday Timed Laps in the Rain

Mark and Tuffy at Pomona, March 24, 2012
POC PDS Blue Group (Lap Time =1:49.10)
Bill Driving  "Daisey" at Pomona July 01, 2012
PCA GPX Time Trial (with Bridge)  Blue Run Group
Snickers at Pomona, February 2012
Fifth Place Overall Timed Runs (1:49.22)
Butch at Pomona, October 27, 2013  PCA GPX Time Trial (Interior Camera)
Overall FASTEST TIME OF DAY  (1:27.76),  and Overall  ALL-TIME  PCA  LAP  RECORD!
Butch at Pomona, March 24 2012    Official Time  1:40.72
POC PDS Red Group  (Top  Mounted Camera)