PCA Porsche Parade August 2011 Results
July 31st through August 6th,  Paul, Ruth, Paul Jr, and Kelsey participated in many
of the Parade activities, both competitive and social. The PCA Porsche Parade is
held in a different location every year). In 2011 it was in Savannah, Georgia.  A very
fine event indeed!

Paul and Ruth Drove all the way from San Diego, with Sammy the Cayenne
trailering Butch for the 7000 mile odyssey. No problems at all with Sammy, the
Trailer, or the Air Conditioning.

It was hot along the way, and hottest in Savannah (over 100° F, 115° Heat Index).
Everyone kept hydrated and enjoyed a fun Parade with all our Porsche friends.

Did Sammy mind hauling all that extra weight over mountain passes, through
thunderstorms, and enduring the blazing, merciless heat?             

                                 Not really...
Paul Jr + Butch - 2nd overall
Paul Sr + Butch - 6th overall
TSD Rally:
Paul Jr + Paul Sr  - 1st overall
(in Sammy)
Paul Sr  - 4th in Class (Early 911)
Ruth - 1st in Class (928)
Ruth won the 928 class, and was
one of the top scoring women in
the Tech Quiz
Paul Sr Navigating, and Paul Jr Driving Sammy on the TSD Rally.  First overall out
of nearly 200 entries. Total score of 10 (six seconds error out of a four-hour rally).
Sammy and Butch resting at a Dairy Queen in beautiful  - and cool! - Plymouth Indiana.
Butch Track Videos   
from Summer 2011

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Road Atlanta

Roebling Road

High Plains Raceway
Paul Jr Driving Butch to second fastest overal time at the National PCA Autocross (out of over 200 Porsches).
Video and more pictures here!