PCA Porsche Parade July 2012 Results
July 8th through 14th, 2012,  Paul, Ruth, Paul Jr, and Kelsey participated in a lot of
the Parade events, both competitive, tour, and social. The PCA Porsche Parade is
held in a different location every year, and for 2012 it was in Salt Lake City, Utah.  
Weather varied from hot and dry (103°F), to thundershowers. All in all, a fun week
with team Dead pets racing claiming over a half-dozen trophies and awards at the
National level!

Paul and Paul Jr. won their rally class again, placing fourth overall. Ruth and Kelsey
also competed in the rally for the first time, earning a solid fourth in their competitive
class, and 11th overall out of the approximately 130 rally teams.

Paul Jr. drove Snickers in the I04 class, and only got one lap (instead of five) due to
an oil leak. Still, he managed a second place trophy out of the 8 competitors - very
nice! Paul Sr. and Tango won the competitive S08 class in the autocross by over one

Returning this year was "Tango", the beautiful Zanzibar Red Metallic 2006 911
Carrera S of Dead Pets Racing. Tango has not been at a Parade since 2007, but
performed extremely well, winning first place trophies in the Concours, Rally, and
the Autocross. How about that for a National-Level Triple-Crown?  Yeah,
Paul Jr + Snickers - 2nd Class I04
Paul Sr + Tango - 1st Class S08
Concours d'Elegance:
Tango  - 1st Full Concour Class 01
(2nd in Division)
TSD Rally:
Kelsey + Ruth  - 4th Unequipped+
11th Overall  (in Sammy)

Paul Jr + Paul Sr  - 1st Equipped
4th Overall  (in Tango)
Paul Jr. expertly driving the Parade
Autocross course in Snickers
Tango at "Devil's Slide" on the
Parade TSD Rally
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Sammy on the Cayenne Tour,
One of many fun Parade activities
Snickers and Paul Jr drive the
Parade DE at Miller Motorsports Park
Parade Concours d'Elegance
at the Utah State Capitol