The 1982 Porsche 924 Turbo named Franz was purchased by Kelsey and Paul Jr .
in January 2013.  Less than 900 of these cars were available that year, and most
are long gone, or have been altered with body kits, weird accessories, or other
abominations.  This example in Black Metallic - the same color as Snickers was
originally - was a rare and beautiful find. The car was unmolested with only
101,000 miles, has the original tool kit, owners manual, spare tire, and interior,
complete with the coveted Sport Seats. All the parts were there, the engine runs
strong, and everything was straight and true.

Franz was checked out and a list of items needing attention was generated. A
new radiator, brake booster, tie-rod ends and a few other parts were procured.
Add in a new set of tires on 15" x 7 Porsche Phone-Dial wheels, and Franz was
ready for his first Porsche event.

Paul Jr. and Franz did great at this first event -  The PCA-SDR Autocross on
February 16th. Running in class CC01, they bested the competition, and ran very
decent laps times.

After a successful first event, Franz will need a few more adjustments and items
to become even more competitive.
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Paul Jr Driving Franz at the 924 Turbo's first event, February 16, 2013