"Daisey O'Day"   Basset Hound

We got Daisey, a pure-bred,
documented Basset Hound
(Registered Name: Daisey O'Day)
from a breeder in Pennsylvania in

Actually,  Daisey chose us rather
than the other way around.  Her
litter was enclosed in a small
fenced area when we went to chose
our dog.  She was the one that
came up to us, jumping and licking
our hands.  She was so excited and
clearly wanted us to pick her.  

Our daughter Amy was 2 years old
at the time and she and Daisey
grew up together.  Daisey was a
true member of the family including
pouting when she felt she wasn't
getting enough attention.  While
she would eat dog food, she
insisted on having at least some
people food mixed in.  

When we traveled she would stay
with her breeder and her Uncle
Walter and mother Winifred on the
breeder's farm, sort of a family
renunion.  Unfortunately, Daisey
was not fond of cars since she
knew getting into a car meant either
a visit to the Vet or we were going

She lived for 14 years, a long time
for a Basset, and died quietly at
home a few months after our
daughter left for college.