Chuckwalla Valley
Nowhere, California

"Butch" Bumper-Cam at
Chuckwalla CW, May 22, 2011
PCA-SDR Time Trial Sunday
Practice (Paul Sr. Driver)
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"Snickers" Chuckwalla CW,  March 2013 POC Time Trial   Off-Road in Turn 7 Breaks Fuel Line.   Track Record!
The wind was huge that day!
Note the strong side gust
pushing Butch into the dirt
just after the 3-minute mark
Tuffy's Best Lap
of the Weekend
2:15:36 (Mark
March 2014 POC Cup Racing   Butch in GT5 Playing with the C32 Spec Carreras   (Front Bumper Camera)
235HP & 2450 lbs    vs   191HP & 2600 lbs  for Butch.          Nice spin in the last corner!
October 2014 PCA Time Trial - Snickers with only 9 laps of practice all weekend breaks the CC06 Track
Record by more than a full second (2:02.75), despite dropping two wheels in the dirt after exiting the bowl!
Snickers POC 2015 Orange Race - From Last to 5th Overall!