Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
Nowhere, California

"Snickers" at Chuckwalla, Counterclockwise Direction, October 2010
PCASDR Drivers' Education (Paul Sr. Driving, with Student)
A great example of momentum driving!
"Snickers"  at Chuckwalla CCW, May 19, 2012 PCA-SDR Time Trial
Saturday Afternoon Practice (Paul Sr. Driver, with Student)
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Note - Snickers (Stock 911SC Engine) overtakes 630HP Modified Z-06 with race tires!
May 20, 2012 - Tuffy's Timed Lap 2:12:97 (Mark Driving)
The bowl flattens out going CCW, so the car tends to drift right
(it drifts a bit too far right in this video, at about 3½ minutes)
Butch at POC October 2014 Sunday Race Start and first few laps Roof Mounted Camera
Too-Late Braking into first turn allows Jerry to pass, but he almost Collects Mike in the Bowl!
Butch at POC October 2014 Saturday Race
Race Start and first half of race with Great, Close Competition!