Butch at Charlotte Porsche Parade, 2008
Butch on the Fontana banking, 2009
Buttonwillow, Fall 2008
Butch as bought, September 2007
High Plains Raceway, CO  2011
Butch the car was purchased in September 2007 from a long-time fellow
POC and PCA racer friend. Watching this car at POC and PCA events back
in the 1980s and 1990s was always a thrill, as both the car and driver were  
amazing. Although the 911 named Snickers was performing very well at
the time this car came on the market, Butch just had to be added to the

The previous owner had performed some interesting modifications to this
1978 911SC; Shorter Ring & Pinion, slightly flared rear fenders (stretched
stock steel), lightly modified engine (stock CIS injection), rear coil-over
springs. Additionally, the car had Lexan rear and quarter windows, a
fiberglass front hood, and RSR front and rear spoilers, plus a bolt-in roll

To better utilize the latest rules, the Ring & Pinion was changed back to
stock, the front suspension was converted to 935 coil-over springs as
well, and the suspension was set up to work with radial tires instead of
the previous bias-ply slicks. A pair of racing shell seats and up-to-date 6-
point harnesses completed the first set of enhancements.

After a few events, several sets of 11x15 and 9x15 wheels were procured
and fitted with Hoosier R-6 and A-6 tires. A welded in full roll cage was
also added as well as a Cool-Suit system, and window net.

Unfortunately, in April 2008 Butch was spun backwards into the guardrail
in the infield at the Fontana California Speedway track. The damage to the
rear bodywork was enough to retire the car from the event, but gave an
opportunity to make some modifications.

Butch received a set of fiberglass front and rear fenders, conforming to
the Porsche 911 Turbo bodywork. A new rear deck lid with RSR spoiler
was fitted, and a new RSR front bumper too (the old one was not damaged
at Fontana, but was due to be replaced anyhow). With fresh Petrol Blue
metallic paint, Butch was really looking sharp!

Butch did well at the first event, which was the Autocross at the 2008
Porsche Parade in Charlotte, NC. If it weren’t for a few nasty pylons, either
Paul Sr. or Paul Jr. would have easily won the class..

Sadly, Butch did not last long in this configuration. During the Drivers
Education event at Charlotte Motor Speedway just after the Parade, one
of the modular wheels cracked, causing the right rear tire to blowout at
130mph on the banking. Quick thinking by Paul Jr. kept it from being any
worse, but Butch hit the wall on the right front corner. Thankfully Paul Jr.
was okay (good to have all that safety equipment!), but poor Butch was
pretty messed up in the front.

Butch was too nice a car to give up on, so back to Victory Race Paints
again, this time for the front of the car. A front frame was sawed off of a
donor 911SC, and welded onto Butch's frame (the part that wasn't bent).
New front hood, front fenders (again), and a new front bumper and splitter
were needed (plus windshield and a host of other parts). While at the
shop, a non-sunroof top panel was grafted on giving Butch a cleaner
profile and lighter weight. Another beautiful paint job continuing Butch's
original Petrol Blue color, and Butch was back again (three lives out of

2009 was a great year for Butch, setting PCA records at Streets of Willow,
Willow Springs, and Fontana. Butch also set the POC class V2 record at
the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (in the wet, no less), proving that
speedways aren't that bad after all!

During 2010, Butch only ran at two POC races and one PCA club race,
doing decently at each. In early 2011, further suspension adjustments
were made, and Butch is even more competitive. For the first three PCA
Time Trials, Butch claimed victory in all three, running in the hotly
contested CC07 class. Butch also claimed Top Time of Day overall at both
the July and October PCA SDR autocross events against over 100
entrants, including a number of highly modified Porsches with 3.6 Liter (or
larger) engines!

In the summer of 2011, Butch placed second overall out of over 200
entries at the PCA Porsche Parade National autocross. On the way back
from the Parade in Savannah, Butch competed in the PCA Club Race at
High Plains Raceway in Colorado. There, he won the competitive GT4S
class in both the Sprint Race and one-hour Enduro!

Butch closed out 2011 with season championship victories in both the
PCA SDR and Zone 8 Time Trial Series
. Plus he earned two Top-Time
overall awards at the competitive 2011 PCA SDR Autocross events (over
100 entries each)!

After taking a sabbatical for 2012, Butch ran a number of PCA Club races
and Autocross events in 2013. Butch cleaned up class GT4S in the three
races at Thunderhill, followed by another three-race sweep at
Buttonwillow, including a third overall in the final sprint race!

At the Porsche Parade in Traverse City, Michigan, Paul Jr piloted Butch to
the fastest overall position in the National level autocross out of well over
200 competitors!  After the Parade, butch ran PCA Club Races at two
famous tracks - MoSport in Canada and Mid-Ohio - doing well at both.
Butch won the coveted "Best Prepared" award at Mosport!

At the Historic Pomona Fiarplex course in October 2013, Butch  achieved a
Fastest Time Overall, beating out all others by over two seconds. That
time also stands as the All-Porsche track record!

For 2014, Butch bulked up with some ballast, and competed in the POC
GT5 class, winning the Time Attack series, as well as the Cup Racing
championship for that class.
For the November POC Cup races at
Buttonwillow, Butch had a podium sweep of all three Orange Group races,
with a second place and two first overall wins!
Additionally, Paul and Butch
were the POC all-class overall points champions!

Butch and Snickers teamed up in class GT5 for PCA Club Racing in 2014.
Together, they clinched the top spot in the West Coast series, and were
overall GT5 National Championship winners!
Achievement Summary

PCA Time Trial

Class Champion, 2 Years
Top-Ten, 4 Times
Top-Time Overall (2013)
Track Records; 7

PCA Autocross

BRI Winner, 4 Times
Top-Ten, 9 Times
Fastest Overall, 2 Times
National Champ (Top Time) 2013

PCA Club Racing

Class GT4S Winner, 10+ Times
Zone 8 GT4S Class Champ 2013
Class GT5 National Champ 2014

POC Cup Racing

Class GT4S Winner, 10+ Times
Overall Race Winner (2x)
GT5 Class Champion 2014
Overall Points Champion 2014