"Butch"   Russian Blue
Fall 1970  -  Fall 1973
We rescued a stray cat with long
bluish-gray hair in fall 1970. "Spot"
seemed like as good a name as
any, so that's what we named her.

Turned out that Spot was pregnant,
and later in 1970 Spot had four
kittens. We moved when they were
just a few weeks old, and then
found homes for three of them
(Buddy, Bozo, and Rhinoceros).
The largest and strongest of the
litter was Butch, whom we kept
along with Spot.

Spot became sick (poisoned?)
before Butch was grown, so Butch
was our one and only cat for a
while. Butch seemed to have many
Russian Blue qualities, with the
thick, dual-layer coat, strong body,
and keen focus. What he lacked in
grace, he made up for with speed.

We lived in a fairly rural area, and
Butch would always go roaming
around at night, returning in the
wee hours of the morning.
Sometimes he would not return for
a couple of days, but when he did
not show up for a week, we knew
he was gone. Probably the coyotes
got him, as there were certainly
plenty of them in the neighborhood.
It's a testament to his skills that he
lasted as long as he did in that

Butch was the source of many
stories, long since forgotten. While
not an overly affectionate cat, he
was loyal and friendly, and was
always the character.
Butch circa 1973 (age 2)