Who Are We?
Dead Pets Racing is a group of dedicated
Porsche racers and enthusiasts based in
Southern California. We compete in Porsche
Club of America (PCA) and Porsche Owners
Club (POC) events. We have garnered
literally hundreds of awards, records, and
victories in various Porsche competitions..
What's the Name About?
Though the name "Dead Pets Racing" may
sound a bit odd, or even cold-hearted, the
opposite is true. Do we have a thing against
animals? Is this about "Road Kill"?
Absolutely not!  In fact we have named our
Porsches after dearly departed pets that
have graced our lives.
It's not just the cars,
it's the animals.
"...in life they were loved and admired,
and in death they were not parted.
They were swifter than eagles,
they were stronger than lions.
-- 2 Samuel 1:23
Getting ready to set a track record
at California Speedway, April 2013
Own a Porsche. It doesn't have to be shiny & new.
Name it after a favorite pet who is no longer with you.
Join the PCA or POC and come have fun!
Compete in PCA and POC events; Rallies, Autocrosses,
Concours, Time Trials, and Club Racing
Honoring our Dearly Departed Friends
Charging through Turn 9 at
Laguna Seca, August 2008
What's involved with being on the team?